To create a truly premium shopping experience, we have a range of products that are exclusively available at our Big Five Duty Free stores.

Amarula Vegan

Delicious plant based indulgence, made from luxurious coconut blended with the spirit of our distinctive marula fruit.

This addition to the Amarula family is perfectly balanced for an exotic taste sensation with gentle notes of caramel, vanilla and creamy coconut, finished off with the complex notes of the distinctive marula fruit, for any-time, feel good indulgence.

PLANT-BASED LIFESTYLISTS: Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians

DAIRY REDUCTIONISTS: Lactose intolerant, dairy allergen

Armani Make-up

Armani make-up is exclusive to Big Five Duty Free shop at OR Tambo international airport when traveling in or out of South Africa.

A revolution in color. Created with intense pigments, LIP MAESTRO has pushed the boundaries of matte lip shades without compromising on luminous glow.

Natural, radiant beauty. Lightweight and buildable, LUMINOUS SILK FOUNDATION combines a professional finish while remaining ultra-comfortable on your skin.